UK Construction - Building Exports Together

Welcome to a new way of working. Prompted by others in the construction industry, Exportease has created a construction industry group who can all work together with shared aims and interests. An easy entry to export is by using a commercial agent but many businesses do not have the frequency or volume of sales to maintain the agent's interest. The solution is to work together.

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The most frequently quoted obstacles to export are: the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, cultural, legal and language barriers, extended payment terms and, indeed, getting paid at all. Joining our group overcomes the problems. Working together means that one commercial agent can represent a group of companies who will all reap the benefits and gain an export sales force without the investment. Strategies are in place for specific regions and sectors and we are obtaining government backing and funding. We will maximise our potential allowing you to benefit from the marketing strength of all involved. Join today.

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