Best of British Food

A government initiative has declared 2016 to be the year of British food with the aim of promoting exports. A series of events throughout the year will be backed by the launch of a new Food is Great campaign to celebrate the very best in British food across the country and overseas, and inspire people everywhere to choose British food for the best in taste and quality.

This is one of the greatest challenges in exporting as British food has not always enjoyed the best of reputations. This is not a problem, it is a marvellous opportunity to prove the world wrong and allow everyone to enjoy the wonderful products we have. Exportease is helping in this effort by identifying importers and offering small, artisan producers of very high quality products the opportunity to promote their produce without the resources of an agri-business. We have a database of UK gourmet producers and distribute literature, brochures or price lists free of charge for those who wish to participate.

Exportease wants to help. Customers can discover how to import quality British food and producers have one more shop window, which can never be a bad thing.

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