Export Freight Transport

Someone from overseas wants to buy your product. What happens next? There is a great thing about exporting - you are guaranteed to be paid (though  only if you do it correctly). Trade terms and conventions built over hundreds of years make the process failsafe as long as you follow the rules. The principal difference to domestic sales is to be found in the terms of sale and delivery.  Links to explain everything are on the left. More responsibility on the buyer means less likelihood of a sale so the smart exporters deliver product to their customers' doorstep.

 Export freight

   An awful lot of money is made from freight so you don't want that eating into your profit.    Nevertheless, those making the most profit from others' efforts, the freight forwarders, are the greatest friend of the newbie exporter. Supply and demand rules as always so, the greater the volumes to ship, the lower the prices you will pay. If you export large quantities, a shipping manager might be essential but a good freight forwarder can do it all for you. There is information on these pages if you want to do it yourself but, be careful!

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