Transport Services

One of the most daunting aspects of international trade (and often rightly so) is transport. A sale is worthless until the product is delivered and paid for. Delivery and payment are usually very closely linked when exporting, as a system of documentation and terminology has been created over hundreds of years and is still in use today. Not only logistics staff but also sales people need to be fully au fait with documentary credits, bills of lading and much, much more. Email us here to enquire about low cost training and courses.

If investment in specialised staff is not an option we can provide expert advice on how everything can be contracted out to enable you to trade internationally within your existing infrastructure. Email here to see how we can help.

Export freight can be incredibly complex. It is common to see variations of 300% in charges made for exactly the same service. It is esssential to be competitive in any marketplace, so don't let crippling costs ruin your margins or lose you sales. We are so confident of our abilities that we will conduct an in depth cost audit completely free of charge on even the most experienced of exporters with the guarantee of a minimum 3% annual saving. Read more here about this unique offer.


Nevertheless keeping your customers happy is paramount so we can carefully analyse different types of transport services at different costs to deliver on time, every time. Finally we can analyse your customers and your payment terms to ensure you are paid on time, every time.


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