Transport Costs Audit

Exportease is happy to announce the launch of the Transport Costs Audit. For successful exporting, cost control is vital to keep you on a level playing field with your competitors. Freight cost is likely to be the largest single variable affecting your prices when compared with competitors. Arrange for a, no obligation, completely free Transport Costs Audit assessment by clicking here. Unlike a freight forwarder, we have absolutely no agreements, links or commercial deals with any form of transport company and will simply do what is best for you.

There will be no obligation for you to enter into any long term agreement, we simply provide you with the information to enable you to start saving immediately. What you do with that thereafter is entirely up to you. What Exportease can do is guarantee that we can save you money, potentially increasing sales or increasing profitability. Why ignore huge costs savings when Exportease can make you more competitive now?

The best thing about the audit is that, unless it benefits you financially, it is completely free. We guarantee not to charge unless we make you savings.From our initial assessment we will garner the necessary information about your existing deals including the levels of performance required in terms of delivery time. We will never propose any service which may be cheaper but is inferior in quality. We can even renegotiate with your existing transport providers. We would then only ever charge a small percentage of savings guranteed to you in the first year.

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